welcome to my vegetable ranking page. only people who like vegetables are allowed. thank youuuuU.

But bros it's totally cool if you aren't sure yet. No judgment ok? haha

ALRIGHTY BUDS AND SPUDS hhaa. lets get started.

speaking of spuds, here we have our lil potato!


good potato
  1. Color? Good.
  2. Taste? Great.
  3. Reputation? No ones complained so far so i guess it's cool. Who here hates potatoes. Come and fight me during my office hours. Plus have you ever had chimichurri potatoes? God they're amazing.

That's an A+ vegetable if I've ever seen one. 16/10.


best cucumber
  1. Color? Green.
  2. Taste? Crunchy I hope.
  3. Reputation? it's my roomate's favorite vegetable, and my roommate's pretty cool so I guess cucumbers are cool too.

I guess the cucumber is pretty cool, oh, but sometimes they're considered to be fruit so I have no idea. But who am I to judge? 12/10 Good enough.


yellow corn
  1. Color? Yellow.
  2. Taste? Amazing.
  3. Reputation? Bro corn syrup is a thing and it's terrible for your health, but that's the fault of capitalism. BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH amiright haha. That's for you, econ majors...or should I say eCORN majors? haha.

I love corn. 15/10


eggplant sucks
  1. Color? Disgusting
  2. Taste? Unpalatable.
  3. Reputation? Dude I've never seen eggplant look like egg. Ok I've seen it in the egg shape online but I already distrust this Internet so much.

Bro I'm also allergic to this vegetable. 1.2/10.


i love broccoli
  1. Color? Kinda aesthetic actually
  2. Taste? Have you all tried roasted broccoli? That stuff's amazing.
  3. Reputation? Hated it as a kid, but I love it now. Just don't boil it; that's not how you make broccoli.

Broccoli is underrated. 13/10
Ok I'm getting kind of tired, so thank you all for making it this far! Sorry to the vegetables I forgot to include. If you want, you can either vote for the ones you like the most from above, or add ones I forgot. Good luck on midterms!


...edit: ackk im actually falling asleep a bit, and originally i was going to input a form, but i kind of need sleep. :( im interested in your responses though, so click here to access a Google form!

o this is me.

hey it's me!

My name is Bianca!

I'm a second year econ/accounting major and I'm simultaneously jaded and not jaded all the time. I actually don't have office hours and am actually really shy, but you can always email me at biancawu@ucsb.edu, and I'd be happy to talk.

Wow I kinda need to fill this space because I forgot to include unordered lists.